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Weaving II: Singing & Dancing with your Rigid-Heddle Loom

WE again welcome Weaver Extraordinaire Elaine Lawler for a 2-day weaving workshop for those familiar with their rigid heddle loom. Now that you can "Walk and Talk" with your loom (warp it, weave plain weave, and take projects off your loom), join us at Amazing Threads for the next steps in weaving on this amazing little loom.


In this class, you will learn some of the many beautiful weaving techniques possible on this wonderful loom including; Pick-up techniques ( warp floats, weft floats, both warp and weft floats, as well as patterns with supplementary wefts) and Finger Controlled techniques (Soumak, Spanish Lace, Brooks Bouquet, Leno, Hemstitching and others).

Handouts and instructions for each of these techniques will be provided, but very helpful resources include either INVENTIVE WEAVING ON A LITTLE LOOM or THE WEAVER'S IDEA BOOK. Amazing Threads can have these books available for purchase

Students must come to class with their loom warped and ready to weave either a scarf or a table runner sampler. Directions will be available at Amazing Threads when you purchase your threads for the project of your choice. (Amazing Threads will recommend best threads for success for either project) Please bring dibs and dabs of leftovers for working into some of the weaving techniques you will le
Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Advanced Beginner
Materials Included:
Instruction & printed Materials
Workshop REQUIREMENTS: Students must come to class with their looms warped. If you have a floor stand, please bring it to use. Weaving accessories: Scissors, shuttles, chibi needles, pick-up stick at least 2 " long and the width of your project. Please have for reference either or both of the books listed in the class description as extra references, your notebooks from the previous class or a three-ring binder for directions.
Instructor Name:
Elaine Lawler
Instructor Bio:
Elaine Lawler

Weaving II: Singing & Dancing with your Rigid-Heddle Loom