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Knitting 101

*******Please note this is not a Learn to Knit class*******

For those who have learned to knit and purl but realize there is so much more to master.   Knitting 101 is a 12 week course that will cover the basic ins and outs of the art of knitting. 

Classes will include instructions in everything from yarn and fiber instructions to blocking your finished project.  Each week we will cover a new topic and have time for some knitting.

This is a perfect class for anyone that has the knitting bug and wants to get together with others and improve their skills.

Week 1: Yarn & Fiber Choices
Overwhelmed by so many yarn choices or don’t know what are the best options for the project you want to knit?  In this class we will help answer these questions by discussing weight, gauge, and fiber characteristics.

Week 2: Correcting Mistakes
Learn how to spot and recognize your mistakes and correct them yourself.  We will be dropping stitches and knitting incorrectly “on purpose” in this class.

Week 3: Ribbing & Stitch Patterns
We will cover some of the most commonly found ribbing and stitch patterns.  Including; Moss stitch, seed stitch, fisherman’s rib & mock cable ribbing.

Week 4: Ravelry
Learn how to use this website and other electronic technology to find patterns, keep track of your stash, write notes about your projects, and connect with others in the knitting community

Week 5: Cast On (Part 1)
A 2-week look at cast ons.  Learn many ways to cast on stitches, and which work better for each situation.

Week 6: Cast On (Part 2)
We will cover stretchy, decorative, temporary, and toe up cast ons.  

Week 7: Bind Off (Part 1)
When you finish your project you have many choices on how to best bind off your stitches.

Week 8: Bind Off (Part 2)
In these 2 weeks we will cover many of these options.  Including stretchy, tubular, Kitchener, and three needle bind offs.

Week 9: Increasing & Descreasing
Learn different ways to increase and decrease stitches.  Learn when to use these different techniques to make your project look more professional.  We will cover M1R, M1L, SSK, K2tog, and what to use for raglan sleeves and gussets.

Week 10: Carrying & Changing Yarn
Working with stripes? Learn to carry your yarn so you don’t have so many ends to weave in.  Also find out ways to hide ends or connect yarn when changing skeins.

Week 11: Cables
Learn how to make cables with and without a cable needle so you can finally cast on that beautiful sweater you have been eyeing.

Week 12: Blocking
Learn how to make your finished project look and fit better by correctly blocking your piece.  

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Instruction only
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Debbie H
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Debbie H

Knitting 101

$ 100.00
Includes instruction only