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Casapinka Sharon Show KAL Summer 2020

Starts August 7. Runs for 6 weeks, one clue per week. Pattern is available HERE

Shape Straight up rectangle.

Skill Level 2 levels. 1. Absolute beginning shawl knitter, and a more typical Casapinka pattern that is 2. Advanced Beginner. Do not expect anything too difficult and do expect a lot of Netflix knitting. Life is too stressful now for anything else. If this is your first MKAL, don’t worry! Go to the end of all of this and it’s explained more for you.

Requires 4 skeins of fingering weight yarn. Testing is not finished but final amounts will be announced next week. Likely 325-350 yards each. It is more important to get colors that are different: the black and white trick phone trick does not tell you this…read below and then really look at them (2 diff shades of the same color are fine, it’s the variegated and speckled you need to follow the guidelines for.)

Choosing Colors PLEASE SEE HERE about how to choose colors. One variegated yarn is ok but pay special attention to the guide for speckled and variegated yarns and how to tell if they will work.

How it works One Clue per week is sent out (every Friday) for 6 weeks. There will be a spoiler and a non-spoiler thread in the Casapinka Group. Will there be treats or drinks? Wait and see…it’s a mystery!

Casapinka Sharon Show KAL Summer 2020