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Any Casapinka Project with Kate

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2 of Kate's Favorites

Marcella is crescent shaped and contains all sorts of fun stitches, from “made-up” increases to scallops and slipped stitches. The final color (D) is only used for the border and is placed there to accent the rest of the colors. It does not have to be the strongest color, just a color that you love. If you do not wish to do the 2 rows of stranded knitting that occur several times in the shawl, you can simply revert back to stockinette stitch as instructed. Of note, colors that blend too much together will obscure the scallops.

Yarn: Fingering weight in 3 or 4 colors (color 4 is only used at the final border and could certainly be replaced with one of the other 3)
Exact yardage is not provided by the pattern designer, however, 400 yards per color for A-C should suffice, and D could be done with leftovers from A-C if desired. 

Needles: US 6

Pattern: Marcella (by Casapinka) is available for purchase here - we can also help you in store!

Finished Measurements
104” wide by 17” deep

OLIVE PINK by Casapinka: 

It’s time for some pandemic knitting! Whether you’re on lockdown or not, let’s get knitting something fun and relaxing that will take your mind off your toilet paper woes.

Olive Pink is a collaboration between the Olive green lover (SIGH) and dyer, Lolabean Yarn Co. and the NOT Olive green loving designer, me.

You can combine the two colors or not - or just choose any 4 colors that you like - it doesn’t really matter! Try it with a couple of variegated yarns or all tonals/solids. Kits will be available here on Saturday and if they sell out I will add links to other kits from different dyers. GO HAVE SOME FUN!

An asymmetric rectangle, frequently changing stitches (some made up, but most quite simple) will keep you distracted and occupied as we all go through this tough time together. There are never more than 114 sts on your needle.

Final Measurements - 73” long x 15” wide

Any Casapinka Project with Kate

$ 52.00