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Amazing Threads - Giftables Event Sunday, October 30 4-7 pm & Mad Hatter Tea Party

JOIN US FOR OUR Giftables Event on Sunday, October 30:  12-4 pm
Fun, food, fabulous & easy to knit and crochet accessories that you can finish for holiday gift giving.  There will also be a few LUXURY items in our new cashmere line for someone special in your life (even YOU)! 

Catered Event with Bubbly & 2 of the hottest designers and handdyers of the decade:  Meet Stephanie who dyes all the LOVELY Frabjous Fibers Wonderland Yarns and 5 packs  She also dyes OUR Amazing DK.
Meet Nicky Epstein - designer extraordinaire...she has published more knit and crochet patterns and books then any other designer in the past 15 years! 
  Welcome Stephanie & Nicky!
Both these ladies are so talented and you get to meet them HERE @ our Mad Hatter Event!  $10 holds your spot and can be applied to any $25 purchase on Thursday. 

Angel and staff have created a wall of Malabrigo Caracol!  So Fabulous

Frabjous March Hare Worsted & Tweedle Dee Dum are stocked as well!

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