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Amazing Threads Upcoming Classes, New Yarn and Stuff, WInner Congrats, New Red Stag Fibre DK

This week's focus is to share with you a bit about our classroom and social knitting & upcoming classes and KALs (Kint-Alongs)

We have social knitting Tuesdays: 11 am-1 pm & 5-7 pm
There is a staff to help but it is really social knitting & crochet~

New people are welcome to try a few sessions and if you like it we ask that you become a Knit Club Member or pay $5 per session.  Details HERE

WE have a huge classroom and did run 2 classes at a time BEFORE COVID~

We are limiting our space to 1 class to accommodate social distancing. We are hoping that the new normal and vaccinations will allow us to offer 2 classes in the future!

KALs are FREE but yarn must come from Amazing Threads.  KALs don't include instruction but provide the group an opportunity to knit a project together and share ideas and expertise~ 

Download Details HERE~
  Check out other Fireworks HERE


  Just received a huge shipment of Plymouth Worsted Merino Superwash AND 2 new gorgeous samples  This yarn is a workhorse base that I have used for sweaters, hats, accessories and more.  It washes and dries beautifully.  The high micron count give it great stitch definition when knit

Ankers Sweater   only requires 2 skeins
 Chevron Stripes Baby Blanket is free (Courtesy of the designer) while we have copies with purchase Plymouth Worsted Merino to make the blanket

 This fabulous Collection of Warm Weather Knits is restocked

Red Stag Fibres DK is HERE 

Laine Magazine Summer 2021 is a fabulous issue.  I ONLY buy a book or magazine if there are a couple of patterns or options that I want to dream about and then create!


Congrats to 2 of our many winners from Customer Appreciation Event in May

Robin   Allyson

  What's On or OFF Our Needles?

Freebies & Resources
GeomKnitry Shawl Pattern  
Emigrin Cowl - The Uneek Fingering Yarn does all the work!
This color is in-stock #3026

Lucky Star Blanket
Blooming Floral Coasters

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