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Rowan Magazine 70
by Rowan

UPC: 9772045340212
Manufacturer #: ZM70

"Rowan" Magazine 70 - Fall 2021.


Rowan Magazine 63
by Rowan

UPC: 9772045340144
Manufacturer #: ZM63

"Rowan" Knitting and Crochet Magazine No. 63 (ZM63) contains 39 new patterns. Features 2 Stories: Modern Nomad & Willow.


Little Rowan Blossom
by Rowan

UPC: 9781910339299
Manufacturer #: ZB203

Little "Rowan" Blossom: Blossom is a collection of 15 designs for girls aged between 2 and 7. Worked in DK and 4 ply weights it features cardigans and sweaters with pretty lace details, crochet bags and blankets. It features designs suitable for all levels


Rowan Kaffe's Colours
by Rowan

UPC: 4053859247993
Manufacturer #: ZB245

Kaffe's Colors: A collection of seven designs by Kaffe Fassett using his Felted Tweed new colors for Autumn Winter especially selected by Kaffe. This collection is a celebration of color with Kaffe?s signature style.


Rowan Magazine 64
by Rowan

UPC: 9772045340151
Manufacturer #: ZM64

"Rowan" Knitting & Crochet Magazine 64, celebrating 40 years of "Rowan"! This special anniversary edition features two design stories, Ruby and Alpaca Classic. Ruby is a collection of 20 designs by iconic knitwear designers, the inspiration is simply "Rowan"?s


Rowan Magazine 69
by Rowan

UPC: 9772045340205
Manufacturer #: ZM69

The Nostalgic Style collection for men and women re-visits 1950s, adding a playful, modern twist. Martin Storey's exquisite Cotton Classic collection for women blends comfort and wearability with understated luxury.


Rowan Magazine 72
by Rowan

UPC: 9772045340236
Manufacturer #: ZM72

Rowan Magazine 73

UPC: 9772045340243
Manufacturer #: ZM73


Rowan Edition Two
by Rowan

UPC: 9781739266608
Manufacturer #: RTP007

Edition Two is the second collection in this new series of modern and sophisticated hand knit designs from Quail Studio.


Rowan Magazine 71
by Rowan

UPC: 9772045340229
Manufacturer #: ZM71

"Rowan" Magazine 71 - Spring 2022