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Rowan Newshapes
by Rowan

UPC: 400100618691
Manufacturer #: NSHAP

New Shape Brochure


Rowan Lace
by Rowan

UPC: 400100709184
Manufacturer #: ZB106


Rowan Evolution
by Rowan

UPC: 400100699881
Manufacturer #: ZB104



Little Rowan
by Rowan

UPC: 400100714584
Manufacturer #: ZB111


Rowan Little Star
by Rowan

UPC: 400100757758
Manufacturer #: ZB141

Little Star


Rowan Purelife Home
by Rowan

UPC: 400100704882
Manufacturer #: ZB105

Purelife Home


Rowan Baby Knits
by Rowan

UPC: 4053859229999
Manufacturer #: ZB233

Baby Knits Collection from Quail Studio (ZB233) ?a collection of 11 simple baby knitted garments perfect for any new addition to the family. Using a contemporary neutral colour pallet that gives a unisex appeal to the designs. Clean simple garments with


Rowan Magazine 57
by Rowan

UPC: 400100798706
Manufacturer #: RM 57

This season's knits are influenced by natural landscapes and traditional techniques. Trends for the new season embraces the hand crafted idea by offering rustic and textured designs as well as modern and clean garments and shapes. "Rowan" is promoting two s


Rowan Summerlite DK
by Rowan

UPCs: 4053859144926, 4053859144933, ...
Manufacturer #s: M512-0452, M512-0453, ...

Summerlite DK is a classic DK yarn that's perfect for spring and summer projects. The modern matte finish creates an extra-soft feel, while the multi-plied spin gives Summerlite DK excellent stitch definition for cable, lace and texture stitches.


Rowan Magazine 47
by Rowan

UPC: 400100664025
Manufacturer #: Magazine47