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Sunday Cardi Pattern by Big Bad Wool
by Deep South Fibers

UPC: 400100200336
Manufacturer #: Sunday Cardi


Baby Yeti Accessories
by Big Bad Wool

Manufacturer #s: Leather Lace Brown, Feather Tags, ...

Accessories for Baby Yeti SIghtings Pattern & Yarn


Rowan Big Wool Yarn
by Rowan

UPCs: 5013712515866, 4053859038836, ...
Manufacturer #s: M528-0063, M528-0079, ...

Rowan Big Wool has two soft, fat plies which combine to make this very soft, quick knit "wool" perfect for almost any cold weather project.


Mode at Rowan Big Wool Textures
by Rowan

UPC: 4053859293587
Manufacturer #: ZB263

Mode at Rowan Big Wool Collection contains fashionable collection of 4 simple and stylish knitwear designs for Rowan Big Wool by Quail Studios. Choose from knitting a super cosy basketweave scarf, a moss stitch raglan jumper, a classic long-line stocking


Rowan 4 Projects Big Wool Brights by Quail Studio
by Rowan

UPC: 4053859342247
Manufacturer #: ZB282

Rowan 4 Projects-Big Wool Brights by Quail Studio has four hand-picked patterns knit in stunning Big Wool colors.


Rowan 4 Projects Big Wool Classics by Quail Studio

UPC: 5010484132048
Manufacturer #: ZB307

4 Projects Big Wool Classics by Quail Studio.


Baah Yarn Eco Alpaca/Wool

Manufacturer #s: Alp/Wool-AWHC, Alp/Wool-AWJN, ...

Baah Yarn Eco Alpaca/Wool blend is 50% Natural Alpaca and 50% Highland Wool imported from Peru. Eco Alpaca/Wool is a luscious yarn perfect for garments,shawls, hats, and more. It comes in 7 natural colors.


Ikigai Fiber Wool Pom Poms
by Ikigai Fiber

Manufacturer #s: IW-Lavender, IW-Grey, ...

Pom poms made of 100% pure "wool" fabric that are hand-sewn together to create the perfect fluffy, fleecy ball.


White Gum Wool 4-Ply Yarn
by White Gum Wool

UPCs: 400100814635, 400100814642, ...
Manufacturer #s: SQ5775786, SQ1672888, ...

White Gum Wool 4 ply Yarn White Gum Wool yarns are made from 17-micron superfine "Saxon" merino "wool". This is the calibre of "wool" used in the finest of Italian men's suiting and gives an amazing softness and handle to the yarn.


Rowan Pure Wool Superwash DK Archive Collection
by Rowan

UPC: 80202201190
Manufacturer #: ZB190