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Cocoknits Emery Board
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK-Emery

Emery Boards in a colorful pack of six.


Cocoknits Accessory Roll
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #s: CK-Acccesory Kraft, CK-Acccesory Gray


Cocoknits Makers Keep

Manufacturer #s: CK-Slate MK, CK-Hibiscus MK, ...

Makers Keep magnetic bracelet is a slap-bracelet. You can wear it, drop it in your knitting tool bag to keep all the tools together, or even unfurl it and push the magnet to one end to use it as a straight edge while reading down a pattern.


Cocoknits Needle Gauge
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK-Needle Gauge

Cocoknits needle guage tool made of a 100% biodegradeable fiber waste. Each disc is imprinted both in US and mm needle sizes (US 0-15/ 2-10 mm)


Cocoknits Stitch Stoppers
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #s: CK-Colorful Stoppers, CK-Neutral Stoppers, ...

Stitch stoppers made from EVA foam that accommodate needles from US size 0 10 15.


Cocoknits Makers Board
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #s: CK-Kraft Makers Board, CK-Gray Makers Board

Cocoknits was inspired to design this tool knowing there must be an easier way to read knitting charts! From there, the Maker's Board evolved to hold little tools, recipes, or a tablet. This is one accessory that can do a lot!


Cocoknits Tape Measure
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #s: CK-Tape Mustard, CK-Tape Wild Rose, ...

Cocoknits plastic-free tape measure. The metal tape inside measures both inches and cm/mm (78" / 2 m long), and has a metal tab on the end to keep it from retracting into the body of the tape measure.


Cocoknits Triangle Stitch Markers
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #s: CK- Tri Earth, CK-Tri Sm Black White

Triangle stitch markers that will stick up from the work so its easy to get the needle tip into the corner for transferring to the other needle.

$5.50 - $9.50

Cocoknits Jumbo Stitch Stoppers
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK-Jumbo Stoppers

Stitch stoppers made from EVA foam that accommodate needles from US sizes 0 15 to 19.


Cocoknits Sweater Care Brush
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK - Sweater Care Brush

The Sweater Care Brush allows you to refresh and rejuvenate your textiles so they look their best and last for years. Not only does it depill and fluff up mohair and alpaca, it removes lint and other fibers from clothing and household fabrics.