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Lantern Moon Ebony Repair Hook
by Lantern Moon

UPC: 8907628061531
Manufacturer #: LM-3621

This handy, dandy little ebony wood repair tool is a “must have” for anyone who knits. Adept at picking up stitches, weaving in loose ends and all manner of general repair, you will never want to be without it.


Lantern Moon Swivel Interchangeable Cords
by Lantern Moon

UPCs: 8907628061685, 8907628061678, ...
Manufacturer #s: LM-3601, LM-3602, ...

Lantern Moon swivel cords. Each pack contains 2 cords, 2 wooden end caps and 1 tightening tool.


Lantern Moon Fixed Interchangeable Cords

UPCs: 8907628061616, 8907628061609, ...
Manufacturer #s: LM-3610, LM-3611, ...

Lantern Moon fixed circular cords. Each pack contains 2 cords, 2 wooden end caps and 1 tightening tool.


Lantern Moon Ebony Wood Cable Needles

UPC: 8907628061548
Manufacturer #: LM-3620

Set of ebony wood cable needles in 3 sizes US 3, US 6 & US 8.


Lantern Moon Interchangeable Knitting Needle Sets
by Lantern Moon

UPCs: 8907628061739, 8907628061722, ...
Manufacturer #s: LM-3301, LM-3302, ...

Lantern Moon Interchangeable Needle Sets The needle tips are made of prized liquid silk finished Ebony wood, which provides a smooth glide for all yarn types. The 24K plated brass connector ensures a smooth join between the cord and the needle tips.


Lantern Moon Rosewood 6" Sox Stix US 0
by Lantern Moon

UPC: 400100671528
Manufacturer #: RosewoodSox



Juniper Moon Cumulus Patterns
by Juniper Moon

UPCs: 841275169036, 841275169043, ...
Manufacturer #s: K-J125-01, K-J125-02, ...

Patterns that use Juniper Moon Cumulus.


Plymouth Moon Shadow Yarn
by Plymouth Yarn Company

UPCs: 843273052914, 843273052945, ...
Manufacturer #s: 07300001, 07300002, ...

Moon Shadow Yarn is a buttery-soft worsted weight blend of 68% Baby Alpaca and 32% Organic Pima Cotton, is micro chained into an ultralight yarn whose stitches just melt into place. A truly superior yarn.


Juniper Moon Cumulus Yarn
by Juniper Moon

UPCs: 841275120983, 841275120990, ...
Manufacturer #s: K-CUM-14, K-CUM-15, ...

This Mako Cotton blend is as soft as a kitten! The long staple length of Mako cotton is of the highest quality fiber. A great choice for snuggly sweaters and cuddly blankets.


Juniper Moon Aine Yarn
by Juniper Moon

UPCs: 841275129665, 841275129764, ...
Manufacturer #s: Aine-01, Aine-11, ...

Juniper Moon Aine Yarn is 100% silk and boasts 327 yards per skein. Great free pattern support. The hand knit and drape on this yarn is unbelievable.