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Stella Edge Task Lamp
by Stella Lighting

The Stella EDGE is designed for maximum durability and traveling capabilities. The Edge's patented design has a clamping mechanism which allows it to attach to any surface between .5? and 2.5? thick.


Tahki Stacy Charles Stella Yarn

UPCs: 14011595002419270, 15003761003506270, ...
Manufacturer #s: Stella42, Stella04, ...

Tahki Stacy Charles Stella: A luxurious blend of silk and lurex metallic that has a subtle shimmer.


Stella Two LED Task Lamp
by Stella Lighting

UPC: 860005044306
Manufacturer #s: ST-GO-001W, ST-GO-001B

The Stella TWO LED Task Lamp was Intelligently designed with the user in mind. The Stella TWO is for the individual who needs more overall light output, greater control over intensity, and enhanced tactile feel.


Stella Sky Two LED Floor Lamp
by Stella Lighting

UPCs: 854138004375, 854138004368
Manufacturer #s: SS2-12W-ST-003B, SS2-12W-ST-003W

The Stella SKY TWO brings the unique Stella advantages to people's favorite chairs. Tri-Spectrum Technology allows users to easily change their light from a warm spectrum, to a natural white similar to sunlight, to a cool white similar to moonlight.


Stella Go Portable Battery LED Task Lamp

The Stella GO is a portable battery powered wireless LED task lamp that is rated to last up to 11 hours on a single charge.


Pinus Cowl Kits

Manufacturer #s: PCK-Ruby- Paper Moon, PCK-Ruby-Moonlight, ...

Kit to make the Pinus Cowl by SweaterFreak. The kit includes the yarn to make the cowl as well as the pattern.

$51.00 - $62.00

52 Week of Socks Volume 2 by Laine Publishing
by Laine

UPC: 9789527468524
Manufacturer #: 52 Weeks Sock Vol 2

52 Weeks of Socks, Vol. II offers inspiration for all sock enthusiasts. It is a colourful and abundant collection of patterns from a diverse group of international designers.