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Cocoknits Jumbo Stitch Stoppers
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK-Jumbo Stoppers

Stitch stoppers made from EVA foam that accommodate needles from US sizes 0 15 to 19.


Cocoknits Curved Cable Needles
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK-Curved Cable

Nickel plated steel needle with a dip in the middle for holding stitches while working a cable. Sold in packs of 2.


Cocoknits Sweater Care Brush
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK - Sweater Care Brush

The Sweater Care Brush allows you to refresh and rejuvenate your textiles so they look their best and last for years. Not only does it depill and fluff up mohair and alpaca, it removes lint and other fibers from clothing and household fabrics.


Cocoknits Super-Absorbent Towel
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK-Towel

A Super-Absorbent Towel speeds up the process of drying hand washables by absorbing excess water from your garment before air drying. Made from a lightweight felt-like cloth, it soaks up much more water than a regular bath towel.


Cocoknits Triangle Stitch Markers
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #s: CK- Tri Earth, CK-Tri Sm Black White

Triangle stitch markers that will stick up from the work so its easy to get the needle tip into the corner for transferring to the other needle.

$5.50 - $9.50

Cocoknits Ruler and Gauge Set
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK-Ruler Gauge

Designed to be used with Cocoknits Maker's Board, the handy Ruler and Gauge are also useful on their own. Magnets are embedded (without glue) in the back of each tool so they attach to the Maker's Board, or any metal surface.


Cocoknits Precious Metal Stitch Markers
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK - Precious Metal SM

Set of Precious Metal Stitch Markers


Cocoknits Flight of Stitch Markers
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK-Flight Stitch

For anyone who is not sure which style of Cocoknits stitch marker to try first, here is a handy sampling. Just like a wine or craft beer tasting 'flight', their Flight of Stitch Markers offers a wide variety of styles and sizes to experiment with!


Cocoknits Colorful Opening Stitch Markers

Manufacturer #: CK-Colorful Opening SM

An offshoot of the Colorful Ring Stitch Markers the thin metal keeps them flexible as a safety pin™ style marker, and since they are steel they cling to the Maker’s Keep or any magnet.


Cocoknits Colorful Ring Stitch Markers
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #s: CK-Sm Ring Markerss, CK-Orig Ring Markerss, ...

Cocoknits nylon coated steel sitch markers.