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Cocoknits Ruler and Gauge Set
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK-Ruler Gauge

Designed to be used with Cocoknits Maker's Board, the handy Ruler and Gauge are also useful on their own. Magnets are embedded (without glue) in the back of each tool so they attach to the Maker's Board, or any metal surface.


Cocoknits Colorful Ring Stitch Markers
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #s: CK-Sm Ring Markerss, CK-Orig Ring Markerss, ...

Cocoknits nylon coated steel sitch markers.


Cocoknits Sweater Care Pop-up Dryer
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK - Sweater Care Popup Dryer

The Sweater Care Pop-up Dryer will help air dry hand washables more quickly by allowing increased airflow above and below your garment.