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Building In Color Pattern Book by Michelle Hunter
by Skacel

Manufacturer #: Build Color

Learn to expertly manage multiple colors while creating a gorgeous sampler afghan. If you loved Building Blocks then this follow-up "book" is for you! Many of the designs are timeless favorites, some are original creations, and ALL are deliciously fun!


AddiSwing Crochet Hook Set
by Skacel

UPC: 4016431064074
Manufacturer #s: 11024000000000, 11024000000000

A favorite among "crochet" hooks, the ergonomic addi Swing Hooks have just a hint of flexibility, and fit right into the curve of the hand to allow for more comfortable "crochet".


Woobles Crochet Kits
by The Woobles

UPCs: 860006396916, 860006396909, ...
Manufacturer #s: W-Felix Fox, W-Pierre Penguin, ...

Crochet amigurumi kits Amigurumi "crochet" kits come with everything you need. Plus all beginner "crochet" kits come with step-by-step videos and a pre-started piece so you can get right into learning how to "crochet".


Laine Magazine Issue 17, Summer 2023
by Laine

UPC: 9772489225007
Manufacturer #: Laine 17

Laine, Issue 17, Summer 2023: Here Comes the Sun.


AddiSwing Crochet Hook
by Skacel

UPCs: 841286115459, 841286115466, ...
Manufacturer #s: SC140/18, SC140/16, ...

$17.50 - $20.00

52 Week of Socks Volume 2 by Laine Publishing
by Laine

UPC: 9789527468524
Manufacturer #: 52 Weeks Sock Vol 2

52 Weeks of Socks, Vol. II offers inspiration for all sock enthusiasts. It is a colourful and abundant collection of patterns from a diverse group of international designers.


Plymouth Bamboo 16" Circular Needles
by Plymouth Yarn Company

UPCs: 843273028766, 843273028773, ...

$8.40 - $9.98

ChiaoGoo Double Point 6" Patina Color Needles
by ChiaoGoo

UPC: 812208021943
Manufacturer #: 1036-025


Scented Stitches Stitch Balm
by Mood Food

Manufacturer #s: SS Power, SS Confidence, ...

Add some aromatherapy with stitch balms. Rub the balm on your fingers in the places where yarn passes over them as you knit or "crochet" or apply to pulse points, the back of your neck, the back of your hands, under your nose or on upper chest.


52 Weeks of Easy Knits by Laine Publishing
by Laine

UPC: 6429810960030
Manufacturer #: 52 weeks easy knits

52 Weeks of Easy Knits includes 52 uncomplicated knitting patterns, ranging from beanies, mittens and scarves to sweaters, socks and cardigans. The designs are fun, cozy and modern, but above all, they are a pleasure to knit.