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della Q Maker's Canvas Cubbies
by della Q

UPCs: 655471507321, 655471951933, ...
Manufacturer #s: DQMCubbiesBlack, DQMCubbiesBlue, ...

Canvas Cubbies are collapsible and used to store yarn, small projects, knick-knacks, and notions.


Juniper Moon Cumulus Patterns
by Juniper Moon

UPCs: 841275169036, 841275169043, ...
Manufacturer #s: K-J125-01, K-J125-02, ...

Patterns that use Juniper Moon Cumulus.


Rowan Magazine 73

UPC: 9772045340243
Manufacturer #: ZM73


Tika Zipppity & Deja Vue Knitting Bags
by Knitting Bags & Totes

Manufacturer #s: ZVL Heads Culrs, ZVL Knit Sayings, ...

Tika Zippity Vue, ZIppity Vue Mini and Deja Vue Knitting & Crochet Bags.


Cocoknits Sweater Care Brush
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK - Sweater Care Brush

The Sweater Care Brush allows you to refresh and rejuvenate your textiles so they look their best and last for years. Not only does it depill and fluff up mohair and alpaca, it removes lint and other fibers from clothing and household fabrics.


Cocoknits Super-Absorbent Towel
by Cocoknits

Manufacturer #: CK-Towel

A Super-Absorbent Towel speeds up the process of drying hand washables by absorbing excess water from your garment before air drying. Made from a lightweight felt-like cloth, it soaks up much more water than a regular bath towel.


Circulo Crochet Amigurumi Kits
by Circulo

UPCs: 7891113139052, 7891113139069, ...
Manufacturer #s: CCK-Farm Pglet, CCK-Farm Cow, ...

Kits to make crochet amigurumi.

$20.50 - $30.50

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