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Martin Storey's Easy Aran Knits
by Rowan

UPC: 9780992796891
Manufacturer #: SP206

Easy Worsted Knits by Martin Storey is a fantastic collection of simple cabled designs for both men and women by Martin Story. W"he"t"he"r hat, scarf, sweater or cardigan, all t"he" projects in this book have minimal shaping so you can focus your attention on d


Zauberball Edition 3 by Schoppel Wolle Yarn
by Schoppel Wolle

UPCs: 4250331328045, 4250331328052, ...
Manufacturer #s: ZB3-2301, ZB3-2296, ...

Anot"he"r addition to t"he" Zauberball family, Edition 3 is a DK version. Wait until you see how many projects you can use this yarn in. You will be addicted to t"he" slow, gradual color change in each ball! Extra fine merino wool from Patagonia.


Twice Sheared Sheep Cable Locks - Circular Needle Cord Stops
by Twice Sheared Sheep

Manufacturer #s: TSS-Lock Sm Green, TSS-Lock Sm Pink, ...

Keep your stitc"he"s securely on your needles with Cable Locks!


Building With Lace Pattern Book by Michelle Hunter
by Skacel

UPC: 841286106457
Manufacturer #: Building Lace

Building with Lace is t"he" third book from renowned knitter and teac"he"r, Mic"he"lle Hunter. It is a carefully designed sequence of patterns that "int"roduce knitters to lace work starting with t"he" basics and working towards more difficult patterns. This work f


Pattern Holder Magma Small
by Bryson

UPC: 8904086231872
Manufacturer #: IIA-8113

This indispensable pattern holder is a handy way to keep and display patterns and charts while working on a project. Useful for all knitters, but a ?must-have? for lace knitters, especially convenient tool for keeping patterns close and easy to read.

Twice Sheered Sheep Duo Wooden Repair Hooks
by Twice Sheared Sheep

Manufacturer #: TSS-Duo Wood Repair

Made from smooth natural bamboo and stamped with size information, t"he"se little needles are just what t"he" doctor ordered for fixing mistakes, crossing cables, picking up stitc"he"s, or adding croc"he"t embellishments.


Pattern Holder Magma Large
by Magma

UPC: 8904086231865
Manufacturer #: IIA-8112

Magma Pattern Holder Large: This indispensable pattern holder is a handy way to keep and display patterns and charts while working on a project. Useful for all knitters, but a must-have for lace knitters.


Addi Interchangeable Knitting Needle & Crochet Sets: Basic, Lace, Olive, & Rocket Squared
by Addi

UPCs: 841286125809, 841286114407, ...
Manufacturer #s: 11055000000ylw, 11024000000000, ...

Addi Interchangeable Knitting Needle & Croc"he"t Sets by Skacel Knitting. Interchangeable Knitting Needle sets come in Natura Bamboo Basic Turbo Short Lace & Long Lace. Needles are sized US 4 through 11 in t"he" knitting needle kits.

$202.00 - $322.00

Regia Schachenmayr Cotton Tutti Frutti Color Sock Yarn
by Regia Schachenmayr

UPCs: 4053859248112, 4053859248129, ...
Manufacturer #s: M314-2416, M314-2417, ...

Regia Cotton Tutti Frutti Sock Yarn is Sweet fruits for your feet - From orange to watermelon and dragon fruit you'll definitely find something that matc"he"s your taste! REGIA Tutti Frutti Color not only looks tasty it is also breathable and extra soft b


Juniper Moon Cumulus Rainbow Yarn
by Juniper Moon

UPCs: 841275165120, 841275153615, ...
Manufacturer #s: K-CUMR--213, K-CUMR-204, ...

This Mako Cotton blend is as soft as a kitten! T"he" "long" staple length of Mako cotton is of t"he" hig"he"st quality fiber. A great choice for snuggly sweaters and cuddly blankets.