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Igknite Lineaz 6" Double Pointed Needles

Sizes: US 5

Price:  $ 10.50 
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Sizes: US 8

Price:  $ 12.50 
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Igknite Double Pointed Knitting Needle
  • The range ensembles beautiful needles carved from solidified laminated birch wood of the finest quality.
  • The needles are exceptionally strong & lighter in weight since we have created a fusion of wood with nickel plated brass tips.
  • Its polished and warm wood surface goes well with every type of yarn maintaining the knitting rhythm perfectly.
  • Perfectly Nickel Plated tapered points which don’t get deformed easily and are ideal for all types of yarns.
  • Undoubtedly the material used in them is costly but it is much harder than ebony and rosewood and thus justifies its value.