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Palmwood Crochet Hook Sets (D-M) with Case

Laurel Hill and our Vietnamese partners share a common artistic spirit, and together transform renewable, exotic woods into functional works of art.  Our cooperative production facility is environmentally friendly and safe; all members are treated with dignity and respect. The wood is carefully hand selected, sized, sanded, and polished to create premium knitting needles and crochet hooks.

Needle Sets contain D-M-11

Forest Palm is Simply the Best

As part of an economic development coalition sponsored by Portland State University to develop small business, we made our first trip to Vietnam. After visiting many factories over a few years we found the right partner who shared our vision and started to manufacture private label knitting needles for others in the hand knitting industry. In the continual process of refining our skills and improving our products, we found Forest Palm wood. Attractive and structurally superior to the other woods we were using, we found it to be extremely flexible and a strong hardwood. It is easy to make a good shaft and point but is very difficult for the user to break or split. In summary, our experience making knitting needles for others has taught us that Forest Palm is simply the best material to make handmade exotic wood knitting needles. Now, we are offering our own line of Laurel Hill Forest Palm Knitting Needles at reasonable prices.