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Emergency Fix Keychain

A solution to your knitting errors is here! This emergency crochet hook keychain is a quick way to fix many of the oopsie mistakes we all tend to find at the most inconvenient times in our projects - when we are on-the-go and unable to easily fix the issue. With the KnitFix keychain, you'll be able to fix your project without skipping a beat. 

The keychain features a trio of mini crochet hooks in a wide range of gauges for all sorts of quick fix solutions. They will easily pick up ladders and dropped stitches, help you pick apart knots and twisted stitches, and can even serve as a third needle when working difficult stitches. Made out of fine, lightweight aluminum, these crochet hooks are the emergency tool you'll wonder how you lived without. Keep one attached to each project bag or on your keyring so you'll never be without them!

The crochet hooks come in three different sizes and will pick-up and hold stitches from laceweight to bulky yarns. The small gold crochet hook is sized at 3.0mm / 2.5 US, the medium fuchsia hook is size 4.0mm / 6 US, and the large aqua hook is 5.0mm / 8 US. Their mini length (the longest one is just 3 inches) means that you can take them off of the keyring and just store them in your notions case if you want. 

You can purchase each KnitFix crochet hook individually on it's own keyring, or get the whole set on one keychain, as pictured. Each keyring measures 30mm in diameter.

My favorite part about these crochet hooks is that they work in a variety of ways - you can use them to fix a ladder or pick up a dropped stitch but also they will work as an emergency cable needle to hold stitches in a pinch, or even for...wait for it...crocheting! They are perfect for most any type of project or yarn.