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Utopia Lanolin Wash

Scent: Honey Almond

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Richly Moisturizing Lanolin Liquid Soap!

Lanolin is the natural oil found in sheep's wool. It helps protect the sheep from cold, wet weather by making the wool oily and water-repellent. You never hear of a sheep shrinking in a rain storm, right? When sheep are shorn, and the fleece is sent off to be processed in to yarn, they remove and purify the lanolin. It's a win win situation!! The lanolin is used for a variety of applications - medically, it's used for burns and rashes - in our application, it's a superlative moisturizer for severely dry and cracked skin.
Lanolin works by creating a barrier on the surface of the skin to help prevent water from evaporating. The skin makes natural oils for this purpose, of course, but these oils can be washed away, leaving the skin dry and chapped. At times, the environment may be too cold, dry or windy for your skin oils to handle, and adding extra oil on the surface helps gives extra protection.
That's one of the reasons that I'm so proud of my Richly Moisturizing Hand & Body Liquid Soap formula; the lanolin combined with a short list of skin-loving oils makes this product liquid gold indeed!

This liquid soap is available in:
Honey Almond = our original lovely warm essential oil blend of Honey and Almond.
Lavender & Sage = soothing aromatic blend of Lavender softened by White Sage