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Modern Daily Knitting Field Guides

Field Guide: No 7 Ease

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Field Guide: No 13 Master Class

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Field Guide: No 15 Open

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Field Guide 13 highlights:    
Field Guide 19:  Marls - What happens when we knit with multiple strands at once?  Five artful patterns introduce us to the concept of marling andset us on a gorgeous exploration of color and texture.
Field Guide 18:  A collection of 6 designs by Karida Collins, the founder of Neighborhood Fiber Co. 
Field Guide 16:  Painterly -  Kaffe Fassett to the rescue! Just when we need him most, the beloved master of color and pattern gives us a new collection of 5 designs to dazzle and amuse us.
Field Guide 15:  Open - Designs from Jeanette Sloan!  With more than 170 designs in her Ravelry portfolio, Jeanette Sloan has been working at a peak of imagination and skill for a very long time.  What's she up to for this Field Guide? Modern lace.

These five gorgeous patterns let us explore the magical effects that come with simple lace techniques. It all looks utterly fresh and clean—and includes patterns that are appropriate for beginner as well as intermediate lace knitters.   

Field Guide No. 14:  Refresh  
It's a welcome breeze of clean, fresh design from Carol Feller, the Irish designer whose work we have loved for many years. Four patterns explore texture, structure, and the beauty of a special yarn.       

Field Guide No. 13: Master Class will bring a blast of color and a spirit of adventure to your customers. 
Kaffe (rhymes with “safe”) has inspired generations of knitters, and his work continues to enrich not only our knitting, but our outlook on color, creativity, beauty—and life. With tremendous joy, we welcome one of our all-time favorite designers. Kaffe Fassett. 

Field Guide 12: We bring news of MDK Field Guide No. 12: Big Joy! This is a little book chock full of love. And great big knits that come together fast. With designer Jen Geigley's clever, whimsical designs, it's going to be a great season of knitting gifts for those we love.  
All five designs call for Rowan Big Wool—or super bulky yarn.

Field Guide 11
: Wanderlust:  The essential introduction to one of knitting’s greatest pleasures: the handknit sock. From the master of mix-and-match design, Wendy Bernard, comes all you need to knit beautiful socks. When you hit the road, be sure to pack this little book and a skein of delicious yarn. 

Consider this the only book of sock patterns you’ll ever need. After making more than 100 pairs, Wendy Bernard knows a ton about the construction of socks—and she knows what we don’t need to know, as we begin our sock-making adventure.  Like a sculptor honing away all the excess, she distills her deep knowledge into everything you need to know, and nothing that you don’t. These are sock designs that let you begin at the toe or the cuff. You can work a pattern all over the sock, in a panel down the front, or—our favorite when the yarn is wild—a perfectly simple stockinette sock.  Toe-up or cuff-down, with a baker’s dozen of stitch patterns that will give you plenty of beautiful, distinctive designs for every mile of your journey.  The 13 stitch patterns are all modern, clever, and add a little zing to your sock making. You will be dazzled and astonished at how a few simple knits and purls will create beautiful textures that are perfect for socks.

Field Guide 10:  Downtown:  Fresh, easy, relaxed—welcome to the world of Isabell Kraemer. A pair of pullovers and a set of cowls that let us play with texture and color. These are sweaters to love and to wear every day. Downtown, around town, everywhere.  Isabelle Kraimer is a prolific designer of sweaters and accessories who has a clear vision. Knitters recognize her work at a glance, whether it’s a pullover, cardigan, or irresistible wrappy thing.

Field Guide 7: Ease: 
How about we all just ditch life for a while and knit? It’s summertime. Time for ease. Ease yourself into the sort of knitting that we adore: portable, easy to memorize, beautiful.  This is the lightest, ease-iest Field Guide yet. These four designs from Julia Farwell-Clay will lower the temperature by ten degrees. You won’t find a sleeve or a buttonhole band in here—the most taxing part of this Field Guide is to decide which of these elegant, clever patterns to make first. See all the designs below, and join us for the pure pleasure of knitting during the sunny season.

Field Guide 6:  Transparency:  As we shed the layers of winter, we crave light, warmth, air. In our knitting, and in our lives. In this Field Guide, beloved Amy Christoffers explores different ideas of transparency in four playful, accessible designs. Lighten up your knitting with a breath of fresh air. Join us in knitting from Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide No. 6.