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Rowan Selects Sultano Yarn

Rowan Selects Sultano is a new yarn and it is made in Italy. A luxurious blend of 38% silk, 38% mohair and 24% cashmere the collection has a chic feel which will complete any outfitRowan has reintroduced our popular Sultano yarn in 4 new shades for the Autumn/Winter season. These range from cool, icy tones to deep, warm shades. Composed with slightly more silk than our original Sultano blend, this wonderfully soft yarn has a glistening, satin finish. Making it perfect for shimmering Winter accessories.

Contents 38% silk, 385 mohair, 24% cashmere
Gauge 4 1/8 sts=1"/US 10 Needle
Weight(s) Bulky
Yardage 93 yards
Weight 50 gram
Care Machine Wash Gentle Warm, Dry