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Utopia Lanolin Salve

Lanolin Skin Salve is fabulous. 
Believe it or not, this salve is one of our top sellers. Why? Because it's tremedously helpful in taming damaged, rough, cracked, severely dry AND cranky skin.

Lanolin, is a by-product of sheep's wool. The sheep are not harmed in any way. After they've been sheared, the Lanolin is removed from the wool and purified. Ever wonder why wet sheep don't shrink? The Lanolin actually waterproofs their wool! 
If you do your own research, you will find that there have been studies showing Lanolin as being superior to both Petrolatum and Glycerin products in reducing the signs and symptoms of skin dryness and scaling, cracks and abrasions, pain and itches. It has also been proven useful in the healing of superficial wounds. 

A blend of pharmaceutical-grade Lanolin with: Organic Shea Butter - the gold standard in a plant derived skin-loving butter/oil known to be restorative, moisturizing and deeply penetrating in its own right, skin penetrating jojoba oil, macadamia oil for enhanced suppleness, antioxidant rice bran oil and restorative comfrey extract. Ultra concentrated, a little goes a long way with this super conditioning skin salve. 

Use our Shepherd's Gold Skin Salve on cracked lips, cuticles, mild burns**, abrasions, rough dry chapped elbows and knees...deep condition feet and hands by working in a small amount and then covering with socks or cotton gloves. It really is a wonderful salve for anywhere from Lips to Toes and inbetween!
And yes it's so pure and gentle, that it's perfect for diaper rash and the soreness that nursing Moms endure*...

Available in: Unscented - * this is the only option for nursing moms and babies