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Utopia Satin Oil

Satin-Luxe Moisturizing Body Oil

Plant Based *** Perfectly Natural- Naturally Perfect

Once you make the switch and add oils to your beauty routine, your skin will look amazing!

Consider this little skin treatment to be one of life's little luxuries and use it obsessively to give your skin a radiant, healthy look.

Oils are usually applied right after a shower or bath, while skin is still a little damp. This allows for quicker and deeper penetration into the skin.

Oils are a concentrated form of moisture instead of using a lotion that has other ingredients. Oil can also act as a barrier to the harsh elements of the winter, protecting your skin from wind and cold when layered under a moisturizing lotion.

Apply this right after you towel off from your shower, while your skin is still slightly damp. It will penetrate quicker when applied this way.
No greasy after-feel, just a soft, Satin-like finish to your skin!